パンを巡る、表現の冒険An adventure in expression through bread

私自身の今後の活動の5年、10年を見据えて、私たちのホームページを全面リニューアルしました。I have completely renewed our website with a view to the next five to ten years of my own activities.

The first time I made bread lamp was in 2006. That’s 16 years ago!
I cannot hide my surprise at how quickly the months pass. What amazes me the most is that even after 16 years, I myself am still not tired of my works.

This bread light was initially a “work” of art just for myself. Gradually, as they were passed on to other people, they began to have a face as a “product,” and more and more people became involved in the production of the pampshades. Last year, the company was incorporated and now there are nearly 10 people helping me with my project as staff.
I would like to continue the activities as artists to convey the charm of bread. I would also like to continue to employ our current staff members and protect their livelihoods.

私を支えてくれる周りのスタッフや家族・取引先、パンを提供してくださるパン屋さん、そして、私たちの活動を応援してくださる全ての方に感謝し、パンを通じて小さな幸せを届けたい。これからも精一杯がんばりますので、引き続き応援よろしくお願いいたします。I would like to thank our staff, our families, our business partners, the bakeries that provide us with bread, and all those who support our activities, and bring a little happiness through bread. I will continue to do my best and ask for your continued support.

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