ロスパンを使うことSALVAGE to CREATE

Most of the bread used in my work is made from “bread loss”. Bread loss means unsold bread, loss dough from baking bread, and frozen dough that has expired and can no longer be used, in bakeries. I am not sure how to correctly say them, but I say these breads as “bread loss”. The situation of bread loss varies depending on the size and business type of the bakery. And even though it is bread loss, bread is still bread. It is still bread that fascinates me.

どうせ使用するならロスパンを。それも、ただで引き取りなどではなく、なるべく高い金額でパン屋さんから買い取ること。 If I’m going to use bread anyway, I want to use bread loss. Furthermore, I would also like to purchase them from bakeries for the highest possible price, not just for free.

私はパンがどんなに手間隙をかけて作られたかを知っています。ロスパンを出来るだけ高い金額で買い取ることで、パン屋さんにも喜んでもらいたい。 I know how much time and effort goes into making bread. I want to make the bakery happy by purchasing the loss bread at the highest price possible.

私は作品を作ることで、パンの新たな価値提供だけでなく、小さいながらもパン業界への貢献が出来ればと願っています。 I hope that by creating my work, not only provide new value to bread, but also contribute to the baking industry in some small way.

カテゴリー: project#1