Exhibision “Maison et Objet” in Paris

欧州最大のインテリアデザイン見本市『Maison et Object』に参加しました。コロナ禍以降初の出展で、実に3年ぶりの参加でした。 We participated in “Maison et Object”, the largest interior design trade fair in Europe. This was the first time since the Corona Disaster, and indeed the first time in three years.

久々の参加にも関わらずパンプシェードを知ってくださっている人が増えた印象でした。また、今回はWhat’s new(展示会オーガナイザーによるトレンドピックアップ)にも選定いただき、多くの人に来場いただけました。 We had the impression that more people knew about Pampshade despite the fact that it had been a long time since we participated. We were also selected as one of the “what’s new” (trend picks by the exhibition organizers), and many people came to the show.

I was also able to speak with the buyer from the Dali Museum in Spain.
Baguette chandelier
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